Revolutionizing Retrofit Installation Leads with AI Technology




Revolutionizing Retrofit Installation Leads with AI: A Case Study of ECO 4 EPC LTD and I Need Leads LTD


When ECO 4 EPC LTD sought to enhance their lead generation UK system for their energy-economical retrofit installation company, they enlisted the know-how of I Need Potential customers LTD. The partnership aimed to harness Sophisticated AI technological know-how to streamline ECO 4 leads era and consumer interactions.

Customized CRM and AI Chat Bot Integration


The Preliminary move concerned developing a personalized CRM particularly suitable for ECO 4 EPC LTD. This CRM was built-in seamlessly with their functions to boost details management and shopper engagement. Concurrently, the AI chat bot was executed, programmed to engage possible shoppers 24/7, qualify sales opportunities, and routine callbacks, guaranteeing that no consumer question went unanswered.

Strategic Marketing and Advertisement Strategies


To bolster the online presence of ECO four EPC LTD, we crafted targeted graphic and video clip adverts that aligned with their eco-friendly mission. These ended up strategically deployed throughout different platforms To optimize attain and engagement.

Benefits and Optimization


In the first month by yourself, this strategy generated seventy nine potential customers at a price of £24.35 for every guide. The AI Chat Bot played a essential job in reaching 6 qualifying installs, with the bottom valued at £3500. These results not just shown the efficacy of your AI Chat Bot in decreasing the fee for every guide but also highlighted the prospective for scaling functions.

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Continual Advancement


Leveraging the insights acquired through the First start, a next landing web page was introduced in month two, that includes new graphics and movie adverts designed to capture a broader audience. This webpage aimed to create to the success of the very first month by attracting far more skilled potential customers through refined messaging and enhanced visual appeal.



This situation research exemplifies the transformative likely of integrating AI know-how with qualified electronic internet marketing procedures. For ECO four EPC LTD, the adoption of your AI Chat Bot from I would like Leads LTD not only streamlined their lead technology system but also significantly enhanced customer conversation, location a solid Basis for foreseeable future expansion.


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